BDS to organized Mr. Gay Handsome

Kathmandu (Pahichan) December 9 – Blue Diamond Society is organizing Mr. Gay Handome 2017. The contest will be organized in Kathmandu on December 21 which is the second edition; the previous contest was organized in 2013.

It is discontinued due to the internal reason; according to Bisoraj Adhikari working in BDS. Adhikari bagged the title of first competition among35 participants.

Adhikari said it is not only a competition; it will help to increase the acceptability of LGBTI in society. He said other aspects of competition are also meaningful. “It will help members of this community to disclose their identity.

It will help to create conducive environment for LGBTI,” said Adhikari. Nepal is one of country which has secured the rights of LGBTI. BDS is also organizing Miss Pink Competition.