Dhakal informs about the progress made by BDS

Sahas Batala/Kathmandu (Pahichan) August 8 – Blue Diamond Society is launching campaign and programs of mitigating HIV, and securing other rights through the assistances from government and donor agencies. Speaking at an annual review program on non-governmental organizational by District Development Committee, BDS Executive Director Manisha Dhakal informed that BDS is working for the welfare of this community since 2001.

“The organization is being operated by the members of BDS; its own building has been constructed by Nepal government and other donor organizations,” said Dhakal.

VDC KTMHe said homosexual and transgender are in high risk of HIV infection and BDS is managing medicine and other logistic arrangements. Dhakal said BDS is operating a Pahichan radio program which is being broadcasted by seven FM stations.

Dhakal said they distributed the relief materials for the earthquake affected people. According to Dhakal, Save the Children, National Aids Control Center is providing assistance’s to run the projects.

She also informed since 2001, BDS is making a remarkable progress to ensure the rights of LGBTI in Nepal. Dhakal maintained that it is a major achievement that rights of gender and sexual minority has been mentioned in the constitution.

According to her, Ministry of Children, Women and Social Welfare has addressed this community through the allocation of budget. She said due to the lack of program at national level, many people are not able to disclose their identity in the society.