Drama and other forms of arts can highlight the issues of this community : Dramatist Pandey

Kathmandu (Pahichan) March 1 – Dramatist Chandra Prasad Pandey has said that the issues of marginalized community could be highlighted through drama. Speaking to Pahichan, he said that drama and other forms of arts are appropriate forms to raise issues of this community.  “I have raised the issues of transgender through Jiudo Aakash. Similarly, we can raise issues through other means,” said Pandey.

The Jiudo Aakash written by Pandey is being staged in Sarwanam Theatre. Though the central theme of this drama is related to the problems faced by transgender, creating awareness or changing the behavior towards this community was not its purpose in the beginning.

“At the beginning, we did not have sufficient knowledge about this community. I went to BDS to know about this community after Director RK Mehata informed it. Later I came to know that members of this community are facing discrimination from state,” Pandey said.  However, the film has helped to highlight the issues faced by this community which is a positive aspect.