Ensure health access to all : Participants

Kathmandu (Pahichan) December 18 – Speaker at a program have said that there should be access to health of all people. At a program organized by Health Ministry under a theme of ‘Health for all’, speakers said health has been enshrined as a fundamental right, and there should be access of all people.  

hhThe program was organized on auspicious occasion of Universal Health Coverage and participants have said that there should be access to health for the gender and sexual minority.  Deputy Director of Blue Diamond Society Parshuram Rai said there is not a proper access to health like the opposite sex. He said in all health organizations there should be access to health.

In the program attended by health ministry officials, Rai said health workers humiliate this community after they disclose the identity. He underlined the need of bringing a separate National Health Policy. Doctors Bhagawan Koirala, Chakraraj Pandey, Prabin Mishra claimed that there will not be discrimination to anyone in health institutions.

Third rights activist Ishan Regmi said due to the discrimination in health institutions, transgender are compelled to live with diseases.  According to him, members of this community are living with negative mentality.  Participants said state should take special measures for ending discrimination.  Under Secretary at Ministry of Health Rajib pokhrel said government would take the suggestions into consideration while formulating policy and program.