Foreign Minister concerned about gender and sexual minorities

Kathmandu (Pahichan) July 19 – Minister for Foreign Affairs Mahendra Bahadur Pandey has expressed concerns over the gender and sexual minority homosexual and transgender. In a meeting with homosexual and transgender at Ministry Pandey also shared a light talk saying’ Do you have any partners?’  You are a boy but you like another a boy, Pandey said, you also have a partner, right? In a meeting with Chairman of Blue Diamond Society Chairman Pinki Gurung, Executive Director Manisha Dhakal and Deputy Director Parshuram Rai and Advocate Sujan Pant, enquired about the population of sexual and gender minorities.

Dhakal informed that 8-10 percent to total population of world constitute this community. Dhakal said like male and female this community is a natural phenomenon. Female and male are satisfied what about you? Deputy Director said they are satisfied with homosexual relation.

Is it right that members are these communities are being expelled from their home and family? Minister Pandey asked.  Gurung informed that even civilized society and man are discriminating the community so that they are compelled to stay far from their family. Dhakal informed that even the fathers and mothers are expelling their members from home. Minister Pandey also expressed concerned about the educational qualification of Gurung, Dhakal and Rai. Gurung said when she studied at Ratna Rajya Campus she was harassed by students and she faced difficulties in the lack of separate toilets.

Dhakal and Rai, however, said they completed their education as they did not face any problems during their campus life. When Pandey asked that why boy is attracted to a boy and girl is attracted by another girl, they said their thinking is natural.

 They said the lives of some couples are being ruined as their family members are forcing them to marry with opposite sex. Minister Pandey said though a he got a chance to meet with Sunil Babu Pant.

 They jointed asked Paney to sign in a commitment which will be issued by United Nations those targets to end discrimination and violence against gender and sexual minorities.