Homosexuals, transgender should get equal right: Timalsena

Kathmandu (Pahichan) August 21 – Former Register of Supreme Court Dr. Ram Krishna Timalsena has said that new constitution should ensure the rights of all homosexuals and transgender. He said constitution would be best one if the rights of all people are addressed.

Speaking at Pahichan Radio Program Timalsena said: “If constitution fails to protect the rights, it will not be possible to formulate law, Therefore, the rights of all caste and communities should be enshrined in the new constitution.”

“All should get the rights, but it is not necessary to mentioned Dalit, marginalized and sexual minorities in the new constitution.” According to him, it is not possible to write all things in the constitution.

He suggested mentioning in a clause that all the citizens are equal. Timalsena further added that no constitution of the world have mentioned the rights of homosexuals and transgender in the new constitution.  “Many countries have formulated laws to ensure the rights of gender and sexual minorities,” Timalsena said.  “When a file was registered regarding the citizenship rights of this community, there were some people who were against about filing the case.

As a capacity of register of court, I took stand in favor of the case,” he said adding that there should not discrimination in School, College and other academic institution. He assured that there will not be any discrimination in his National Law College on the basis of gender and sexuality. He said service and facilities would be provided as per the law to the homosexuals and transgender willing to join his college.