I am Lesbian

Kathmandu (Pahichan) September 9- How are you proposing to girls?  She said while keeping the cigarette thud at the aster. I love you so much because I’m not a girl. I said: You are kidding me, you are funny with me.

In my room, we two were drinking wines/hard drink. I had only called Antima. He was pleased to offer my proposal. He said that I’m trying to share my life stories with me and make my mind as a relief. But I’m not ready to trust. Again, he said, “Do you think, I am joking with you?”

No one trusts me neither my parents, nor friends or societies understand my feeling. I was silent and that’s not, I understand you.

We are closely near with each other. You did not let me walk with others at that time. He said, “Why do you think I’m grateful for getting rid of your heartburn?” Perhaps, I’m quite different from others. I have asked that there is definitely impairment with a girl and a girl who has physical and biological attraction.

How I believe, you are not girls? Antima said, “I am a girl, my whole body structure is like girls. My walking style, working habits, feelings and my attitude; I do not think I am a girl. I’m attracted to a girl. I want to know as a gens and I walk in the form of a boy.

I want to live, walk freely in this society. Am I also a man of this society? As I am different from others, that’s not only the reason to enjoy my happiness? I convince him, one day parents, the family members and society understand you.  One day family understand the pleasure of own children, do not forget it. Understanding slowly does not need to be too tired.

I’ll support you. I also love you so much, and I will fight with this family and society, all together for their equality. Because you were as a transgender men and as I am lesbian woman, then I will support you entire my whole life. I am known as a homosexual woman in my society. And as my family members and relatives disappointed by all of them, even then they will understand my feeling one day.

Actually, Antima even you have not done wrong as unsightly, nor did I do it wrong. There has its own right to live according to their identity. The decision we make is bad for society, family and relatives for someday, but one day they will understand our feeling and needs.

He said that we should not be despond. We should do something special and earn the money. Now people move for money not for feelings and emotions. Come on dear hold hands and move forward.

This article is prepared on the basis of facebook status