I love black men

Bhumika Shresth/Pahichan – When we get a first glimpse of a person, it is their looks we see. Good personality attracts people. It is more than just outer looks. It is not just face, but their attitude and behavior as well, that attracts people. The most important aspect of a person is their nature. That’s why I love those men who are generous and understand others’ feelings and respects people.

A boyfriend younger than you requires a lot of care from you.
I love men older than me. I am sing;e now. But I have been into many relationships before this. Many of them were younger than me. It required me to take a lot of care and make them understand. They seem unmature to me. Although they did love, but for me they seemed like children. That is why I have decided to seek for men older than me.
I love men taller than me
When I had boyfriend shorter than me, they used to tease me. I prefer taller boys.
I do not like white men much. I prefer black men.It is not necessary that we get the ideal man we want, but lets see.
I also prefer men who can make decisions.
I need men who respect me and my work, because I am a transwoman and it is a taboo in society. Therefore, one must have guts to accept me as this way in society. Similarly, I am an activist and I have my own schedule where I may go anywhere anytime and go back home late. I don’t want my partner to interfere in this.