I was rated as ineligible when applied for Air Hostess ……..

Madhav Dulal/Pahichan – I was ineligible to become Air hostess due to my gender identity. Now, I am running a restaurant. In her personal documentary Pink Tiffani, she shared how her dream of becoming Air hostess was shattered, and she is still hopeful that prince of her dream will come by helicopter to meet her.  

Meghana, son of Parbat Lama and Laxmi Lama, was accepted by many people including family, when she won the award of Miss Pink Competition 2010 organized by Blue Diamond Society.  Since the childhood, she wanted to be presented herself was women. After SLC, she started to be presented as women and in the documentary, more highlighted are on cosmetic sides. She said it is her first documentary and there will be a lot of documentaries.

In the documentary, the role of mother is highlighted and her father accepted her latter. As elder son died in 19 years old, Meghana is the only hope for her father and mother. Meghana’s mother Laxmi said she is more worried about Meghana. Meghana is running first transgender Restaurant.

Her guardian wanted her to become Inspector. Speaking to Pahichan after screening the documentary, Meghana’s father Parbat shared about his plan about Meghana. He said individual’s interest matters more than the interest of family. “Our elder son died, we have accepted Meghana as our son and daughter,” Parbat said.

The documentary was screened in 15 International Film Festivals which has highlighted transgender can do all works like male and female. Actress Nisha Adhikari said film has given a message on how people should live their life. Adhikari said the happiness of Meghana should sustain for the long period.

Executive Director of Blue Diamond Society Manisha Dhakal said all the families should accept LGBTI . Dhakal said all families should be positive like Meghana’s family. She suggested not to project LGBTI members in film as mock character. BDS Chairman Pinkly Gurung congratulated for the success.

Bisoraj Adhikari who won the title of first Mr. Gay Handsome said other members of LGBTI are seeking support and care from their family like Meghana. Sanjaya Sharma, Josma KC, Chandra Gurung, Sahara KC, Muskan KC, Shila Singh Thakuri and Khusbu among others congratulated for making film.