If Ganga is deemed Pure in Hinduism then Same sex Marriage should also be legalised: Dr. Risharbh Reshu

Kathmandu (Pahichaan) April 19- Dr. Risharbh Reshu a scholar of Religious Science & Astrology focused on legitimizing same sex marriage religiously too. All LGBTI members should be treated equally as other genders are being treated in Society.

According to Ancient Hindu Mythology, The Bhagirath who brought Ganga in the earth was also a child that came out of same sex relation. He was a son from two mothers. Dr Reshu says if someone says LGBTI or same sex mairrage is a sin or crime according to Hinduism then he should stop worshiping Ganga. And also one can’t say Ganga is Pure.

Not only this, he has a lot of examples. He gives another example of a leading character of Mahabharat i.e. Arjun who takes a vow to live as a member of the third sex for a year as the result of a curse he is compelled to honor. He thus transforms into Brihannala, a member of the third gender, for a year and becomes a dance teacher to a princess.

Another important character, Shikhandi, is born female, but raised as a man and even married to a woman. She becomes male due to the grace of a yaksha. Shikhandi eventually becomes the reason of the death of the warrior Bhishma, who refuses to fight a “woman.”

Another character, Bhishma appeases Yudhishtira’s curiosity about relative enjoyment of partners during sex by relating the story of King Bhangasvana, who having had a hundred sons is turned into a woman while on a hunt.

Rigveda, one of the major holy scripture of Hinduism, also narrates that, all the activites that exist in the nature are natural. So we also can’t label same sex activities as unnatural. As male and female, the third gender people or people from other genders should also be treated equally and to be treated equally is their human right.

Lord Shiva, is also called Ardhanarishwaar which means combination of male and female. And while Samundramanthan, Devils snatched the vessel of elixir of immortality from gods and the Lord Vishnu changed his gender and became a beautiful lady to attracts devils through his beauty and obtain the vessel of elixir for gods.

These all examples show the existence of third gender and same sex relation in ancient times of Hinduism. So, we can’t say same sex marriage is a sin or crime. LGBTI members are also a part of our society and they should also be treated equally as male & female.

Dr. Risharbh Reshu is a reknowed Scholar of Religion Science & Astrology. He has been awarded by any national and international awards globally. He is going to publish his new book on the relation of ancient time calculation and present science on 5th May 2018.