Inter-sex people day observed

Kathmandu (Pahichan) October 26 – International inter-sex day has been observed in Nepal organizing a various programs. Blue Diamond Society has marked the day, out of one Lakh; it is believed that one inter-sex people are born. United Nations for the first time in 2015 raised the rights of this community which has been spread across the world.

However, there are not any authentic data of this community.  “Members of this community should take the initiations, special rights should be provided,” Deputy Director of BDS Parshuram Rai said adding that budget should be allocated for the members of this community.

Inter-sex Ishan Regmi said members of this community are facing discrimination by birth. He said as the gender of this community is identified by birth, they face discrimination in the society. He said there have been cases of conducting surgery and many friends have committed suicide facing the humiliation. Stakeholders should take measures to resolve the problems of this community. There is scientific data in Nepal about the census of this community. There are more than 30 organizations across the country working for the members of this community.