Journalist requested to support to make laws on same-sex marriage

Kaski (Pahichan) April 8 – Members of sexual and gender minority have demanded to legalize same-sex marriage. Speaking to media persons in Pokhara, they said it would be easy to adjust in society if law addresses their issues. They sought support from journalist in the process of formulating laws by Provincial Assembly (PA).

They expressed dissatisfaction over the delay in formulating laws as per the Supreme Court verdict. According to Simran Sherchan due to the lack of law they are facing difficulties to adjust in the society and they are facing day-to-day survival problems.

“We are facing a lot of complexities. The formulating of laws is expected to boost our morale to do something,” she said. She said they are compelled to live in society as second-grade citizen and facing a lot of accusations in the society.

Bindiya Gautam of Blue Diamond Society Pokhara said journalist was informed about the types of this community and problems they are facing. “We have told journalist with a view that if journalist raise our issues society would gradually accept us,” Gautam said. Journalists have pledged to support to highlight the issues of this community. In Pokhara, about 50 homosexuals have disclosed their identity.