“Legalize same-sex marriage as soon as possible”

Kathmandu (Pahichan) July 5 – Sanjaya Gajmer has to know about his gender identity when he became 17 years old. His friends used to talk about their girlfriends. He used to feel jealous but he was not attracted with girls.

He was attracted with boyfriends so he came to know he is a homosexual. “A friend used to propose to go to visit some places. Later he married and I felt alone,” he said. Now, he is in relationship.

Bishal Shrestha was unaware about his sexuality. One of his female girlfriends proposed her but there was not any attraction. He ignored the proposal. He was attracted with a science teacher and he gradually knew his sexuality. He made homosexual friends through facebook. However, the love affair was not sustained.

Speaking to Pahichan, Male Gajmer and Shrestha underlined the need of legalizing same-sex marriage. “I was in affairs two years ago, many friends like me are in relationship, their same-sex marriage must be legalized,” Bishal Shrestha said.

“There are no alternatives to legalizing same-sex,” marriage,”Bishal said. Both are of the view family first understanding the issues of this community. They are facing difficulties to disclose their identity due to the traditional mindset.