LGBTI can contribute to control crime : Gurung

Kathmandu (Pahichan) November 5 – Campaigner of gender and sexual minority Pinky Gurung has said that it would be easy to control the corruption if homosexual and transgender are recruited in police and investigation department. Speaking to Pahichan, Gurung said as sex is taken as a crime, crime is increasing on the basis of same.

“Sex itself is not a crime but our society has interpreted it as a crime which has contributed for the increase in the crime,” she said adding that as members of this community are not allowed to seek justice openly they are engaging in the crimes. She said members of this community are always hesitant to complain in the police even if they face cheating in the society.

She said if members of this community are recruited in those agencies, they can easily identify the members of this community which helps to control the crime in the society.  She said officials of lower rank are involved in the corruption so they not start the investigation in the criminal issue which has encouraged for more crime in the society. She said sex should not be taken as a crime. Gurung is Secretariat member of Naya Shakti and heads the Dalit and Minority Depatment of the same party.