Make reservation quota for us: LGBTI

Kathmandu (Pahichan) June 11 – Members of gender and sexual minority have urged the government to make provisions of reservation to this community. They make such remark in a consultative program organized by Blue Diamond Society. They said there should be special quotas to the members of this community.

They said members of this community are totally capable and only problem is to remove the traditional mindset in the society. They also demanded to legalize the same-sex marriage. They demanded to formulate special laws on same-sex marriage stating that they should have the rights to live with dignity like male and female in the society.

They also demanded to implement the constitutional provisions related to gender and sexual minority. They were of the view that BDS should provide special consultations at school level regarding the gender and sexual minority.

They said it is better to set up its branch offices in 75 districts.  “There has been improvement in recent days in comparison to previous times, we would lend full support to gender and sexual minority,” they said. Transgender Barsha Thakuri said there is a lot of discrimination to this community. Thakuri said it is a matter of weakness that they are failing to inform society about this community.