Members of this community should come at forefront to claim rights : Tamang

Kathmandu (Pahichan) December 4 – Parshuram Tamang, leader of CPN (Maoist Centre) has said that any communities aspiring for rights should come at forefront. Speaking to Pahichan, Tamang said members of this community should themselves claim their rights.

“I am in party headquarters of Maoist party. If needed I could play role to make decisions in favor of gender and sexual minority,” said Tamang adding that members of this community themselves should claim their rights.

He expressed the commitment to lobby in party about the rights of gender and sexual minority. Tamang said state should make efforts to provide equal rights to this community like other communities.

He said members of this community should reach at leadership level for the implementation of constitutional rights. “In the PR list of party, the representation of some communities is missed. I am ready to address them,” said Tamang.