Ministry promises to unveil policies and programs targeting gender and sexual minority

Kathmandu (Pahichan) May 24 – Government is planning to implement policies and programs targeting to sexual and gender minority from upcoming fiscal year. The government plans to bring the program in the areas of social protection, respect and issues related to economic independence.

Ministry of Woman, Children and Senior Citizen plans to implement such programs in coordination with non-governmental organizations. The 32-point of Ministry’s plan and policies for next year has incorporated this issue. Out of 35-points, the issue of gender and sexual minority has been incorporated in the single point.

In the progress prepared by government about its performance in 100 days, it is mentioned that programs were launched to remove the confusions that prevails in society about gender and sexual minority.

Minister Tham Maya Thapa claimed that Ministry is working to uplift the gender and sexual minority but there is not substantial progress in the field. Thapa, however, did not mention about this community during the press conference. When asked why she is feeling odd to mention about gender and sexual minority, she said, “I do not have any confusions and hesitations.”

Stating that Ministry is serious about the issues faced by LGBTI community, she said there is a need of additional discussions on same-sex marriage report. “We undertaking study on how to address the issues raised by gender and sexual minority,” Thapa said. The report is gathering dust in the Ministry; Thapa said she needs to study the report before its implementation.