Miscreant people manhandled transgender in Sorakhutte

Kathmandu (Pahichan) October 24 – Some miscreant people living in Sorakhutee have vandalized the apartments where members of gender and sexual minority are living.

They also threatened to kill them without any reasons. Transgender Madhu KC, Jeny Lama are living in the second floor of local people Maya Tamang. A group of people threatened to kill them vandalizing their rooms.

They were manhandled where returning to their apartment. After they went to their rooms and provide torture. The members of transgender have demanded to take action.

A team led by Blue Diamond Society Chairman Pinky Gurung demanded immediate action against those people. The team approached police office in Sorakhutte and demanded immediate action.

They urged police officials Umesh Lamsal and asked him to investigate the incident. Lamsal assured that people involved in the incident will be booked. He also requested to inform police if such miscreant people abuse the members of this community.