NC takes a lead in ensuring the rights of gender and sexual minority: Basnet

Kathmandu (Pahichan) March 29 – Central Working Committee (CWC) member Mohan Basnet has said that Nepali Congress will further cement the rights received gender and sexual minority. Speaking to Pahichan Radio program, Basnet said NC is raising the issue of inclusion since the long time and that should be continued in the future as well.

Mohan_Basnet_4“Before promulgation of any constitution and laws, founder of NC has accommodated Dalit, Janajati and other marginalized community in the party,” Basnet said. “NC has adopted the principle of inclusive policy before constitution formally adopted it.”

He said NC would take a leading role in ensuring the rights of gender and sexual minority.  He said members of this community could have been failed to be elected from grass-root level.

He suggested the members of this community to stake their claim while making nomination. “There is provision of nomination from center to grass-root level so that they could claim for the nomination in party structures,” Basnet added.