Nepal’s constitution is progressive than other countries : Bidari

Kathmandu (Pahichan) April 25 – A team of Legislation Committee of Parliament has just returned from Japan visit. The purpose of visit was to gain international knowledge and experiences regarding the penal and criminal code. They held extensive discussions on the very issues during their stay in Parliament.

“It seems that law could lead both development and underdevelopment of any countries,” Bidari said, “There are several examples in our country that sons and daughters of rich people have not made their progress. The new drafted laws have ensured some provisions for the development,” Bidari said. He said they are busy to formulate laws on gender and sexual minority as constitution has already ensured their rights.

“The laws of Japan were formulated with heavy investment of time and resources but it has not addressed the issues of gender and sexual minority,” said Bidari. He said Nepal’s constitution is more progressive than the constitution of other countries.  He said it would at next couple of months to give a final touch to civil and criminal code.

He informed that five replacement bill will be tabled at Parliament. “We are holding widespread discussions on how to replace the Muliki Ain,” Bidari said adding it would take long time to pass such laws in other countries as well.