Our society is diverse, take LGBTI in a positive way: Lamichanne

Kathmandu (Pahichan) October 4 – Film Director Rishi Lamichanne has said that people could think about anything according to his\her capacity.  “You can think as per your capacity and same rule is applicable to me as well,” he said adding that homosexual and transgender are like male and female and they have the equal rights to live. He was making this statement in reference to the negative thinking on homosexual and transgender in the society.  

“They have the rights to live, they also feel sad, they also wipe and they can also light but we cannot understand them,” he said.  “This is a society there are both black and white, day and night, sun and cloud and rain,” he said there are both thieves and intelligent people in the society. Talking about the creation, she said people like Tulsi Ghimire and people who defame this industry exist in the society.

“Society is diversity, so that we should take it in a normal way,” he said adding that homosexual and transgender should be taken in a positive way in the society. He said that people from all walks of life should contribute to end the discrimination against the homosexual and transgender.

Expressing the displeasure for the negative portrayal of this community, he said there is no need to portray in a negative way.  He said that censor board should take a close eye that portrays this community in a negative way. He suggested drawing the attention of concerned bodies on the same issue.