Parties shoud accommodate this community

Ambika Dahal/Kathmandu (Pahichan) April 4 – Leaders of Naya Shakit Party, Nepal have said that it is the weakness of political parties not to accommodate the gender and sexual minority. They said Naya Shakti has started debate about this community and has given position and responsibility to Pinky Gurung, a LGBTI campaigner.

Coordinator of Kathmandu District Chapter of Naya Shakti Ishwar Rijal said members of this community should be accmmodated in the process of making country a prosperous.

The Naya Shakti organized a sit-in program in front of Nepal Election Commission demanding theelection symbol in the local election which is taking place in May 14.

“I have not seen greed to this community so state should mobilize this community,” he said. Another leader of party Karishma Manandhar said her party has accommodated the gender and sexual minority. Manandhar said more members of  this community will disclose  their identity if there is appropirate environment.

Leader Parshuram Tamang said members of this community should lend their support in the democratic movement. Central Council Member Indraraj Bhattarai said party is heading forward accommodating all  the minority groups including gender and sexual minority.

Central Working Committee member Pinky Gurung said there is increasing support andmobilization of this community in the party. Gurung said campaign to establish the rights of this community is going on. She said members of this community are still facing a lot of social and other problems. “We are active in the politics that we can contribute for society and country,” said Gurung. There was the participation of this community in the sit-in program organized by party.