Rai urges for equal rights for sexual and gender minorities

Kathmandu(Pahichan) May 23 – Artists Tayahang Rai has said that sexual and gender minorities should get the equal rights on the basis of that all citizens are born equal.

Rai, am emerging artists, said if we fail to treat the entire citizen in the equal way, equitable society cannot be developed.  She urged Blue Diamond Society to continue its campaign till the LGBT community cannot get the equal rights like man and women in the society. He said all should support the campaign being launched Society stating that Society is performing the tasks of country.

She informed that artists and singers are also working to ensure the LGBTI community.  “Artists should not give priority to any caste\ communities instead they should support the people who are suppressed in the society.

And, such assistance could be extended through any available means,” Rai said. She said superstition still exists in the society and that should be avoided through collective tasks of stakeholders.

According to her, positive changes could be brought if we can build a positive mind.  She further added that every individual should accept the identity and existence of other people in the society which helps to build an equitable society.