Roshani’s struggle as transgender

Balram Chaudhari/Morang (Pahichan) August 25 – Roshani Thakur’s name was Sagar Thakur before she knew about herself that she was third gender .Her parents keep her name Sagar because they saw her as a boy before she knew about herself.  Sagar Thakur was changed into Roshani Thakur when she knew about herself that she is third gender.

She is from Saptari District Sambhu nath nagarpalika .She is now 17 years old .when she was 9 years old at that time she knew that she was transgender, she is student and dancer.

She used to dance in different festival, ceremonies like at marriage occasion, Birthday party, etc. In this way she earned money and paid her school due buy her stationary dress etc for her education. She wanted to study because she wanted to do something good for her community member. Roshani is saying my community people are uneducated so they cannot raise our voice for our rights so I want to study to raise of our voice.

I am struggling so hard to gain education.  I am dancing at night and going school at day time to gain education. I am from very poor family there are altogether 13 members in my family three mothers, ten brother and sister. So my mum they cannot provide us everything for us she said. I am feeling difficult in my school because only I am transgender there so.

Life of transgender is difficult because society they did not accepting this community séance now. She said I have the aim to change the society towards LGBTI community. They must be change that’s why I am studying she said.