Suggestions to mention sexual orientation in various articles constitution

Kathamndu (Pahichan) July 24 – Gender and sexual minority homosexual and transgender have submitted written suggestions on draft constitution about their rights. The suggestions submitted by Blue Diamond Society  suggested that along with sexual the provision of sexual orientation should be incorporated in the equality rights which have been mentioned in article 23 of draft constitution.

They demanded to incorporate their rights in citizenship, fundamental rights, principles of state directions and other several provisions.

 Society has submitted demand to Constituent Assembly (CA) Chairman Subas Nembang and Chairman of Political Dialogue and Consensus Committee (PDCC). Similarly, in article 47(rights of social justice) it has been suggested along with other rights lights of sexual and gender minorities should be continued. Similarly, in the article 15, Society has suggested that there should be provision of transgender in the citizenship section.

Similarly, in article 22, Society suggested to add gender identity and sexual orientation. Similarly, on the privacy right, it has been suggested to incorporate the privacy of sexuality. “Like the specific rights of women, children, Dalit and senior citizens, the rights of gender and sexual minorities should be incorporated,” said Society.

The Society also demanded the participation of gender and sexual minorities in the state mechanisms like other marginalized communities on the basis of inclusive and proportional representation.

In the social security right of article 48 of constitution, Society has demanded to incorporate the rights of gender and sexual minorities were being forcefully expelled from their home and family. Society also demanded to incorporate their rights in article 54, article 55 and other sections of part three of draft constitution.