Tarun Dal to ensure the representation of gender and sexual minority

Kathmandu (Pahichan) September 18 – Youth leaders who are expecting to become the chairman of Nepal Tarun Dahal have said that there will be the representation of gender and sexual minority in the Central Committee of Nepal Tarun Dal.

Laxmi Khatiwada and Janma Jaya Timalsena of Tarun Dal announced that discrimination will come to an end.  “Tarun Dal will fight for the gender and sexual minority who are lagging behind,” candidate of Chairman Laxmi Khatiwada said. Khatiwada pledged to launch a campaign to address the discrimination. She said that youths can play a vital role in the nation building.

Khatiwada said that there is no place for the discrimination in the open society. Khatiwada is of the view that there should be freedom of marriage in the society. “If they are ready to marry, we should not impose discrimination,” she said.

Another candidate of Tarun Dal Janmajaya Timalsena said statute of Tarun has ensured the representation of gender and sexual minority and other sections of the society. Timalsena said they are ready to make Tarun Dal of all sections of the society.

He said members of this community now should think about their capacity enhancement rather than feeling regretted. Timalsena is from Sher Bahadur Deuba faction, while Khatiwada is from Ram Chandra Poudel faction. Tarun Dal is holding its convention beginning from Ashoj 3 .