Teachers should understand first before teaching students

Kaski (Pahichan) September 13 – Teachers who teach the issues related to gender and sexual minority have said that first they have to understand the issue properly before teaching to students. Teachers who participated in National Consultative Meeting in Pokhara were of the view that lack of sufficient knowledge among students would affect the society in negative way and students will not understand properly.

Niranjan Kunwar of UNDP had moderated the session. District Education Officer Bishnu Prasad Lamichanne who served as a panelist said style and gesture of children are entirely different so teachers should understand the issue first. The literature related to gender and sexual minority could be forwarded to Curriculum Development Centre.

Western Coordinator of National PABSON said he has not got the opportunity to teach students about gender and sexual minority. “60 thousand students, their parents, teachers and school management need awareness program,” said Adhikari. I am ready to facilitate if you organize the orientation program, said Adhikari.

Teacher Ramesh Pant said training has created awareness and it has helped to change the opinion in the society. Mahashram Sharma, General Director of Education Department, said he played the role to incorporate the issues of this community in grade 6, 7 and 8. He said there has been improvement in Kaski, Syangja and Parbat.

Transgender Jyoti Thapa said due to the lack of knowledge among students, teachers are teaching wrong things to students. “When I was studying Gender subject in MA, teacher taught me saying that every people would become a transgender in their life,” said Thapa.

As there is such tendency in master level, there could be mistakes in other levels, said Thapa. Madan Gotame of Save the Children said they have initiated the project with a view that teachers teach students receiving full knowledge. “We have started new project and top point is related to non-discrimination,” he said.

Curriculum Development Officer Yubaraj Adhikari said problems have been created in society as there is no knowledge among students. He said they are preparing to incorporate the issues of gender and sexual minority from primary level to secondary level.  “Earlier issue was incorporated in class 6, 7 and 8 now it has been extended to grade 9 and 10,” said Adhikari. Centre plans to extend it to grade 11 and 12.