The number of transgender voters decreases, Gurung says: It is because of citizenship provisions  

Kathmandu (Pahichan) April 4 – There are only 143 transgender voters in the voter-list made public by Election Commission. The institutions working in the field of LGBTI is saying that population of this community constitutes 8-10 percent of total population. In the second CA election, the number of this community was 151.

There are 21 voters in the Saptari and 15 in Parsa District. There are 11 in Kathmandu, 10 in Bara, 6 in Dhandusha, 5 in Sarlahi, and five in Bhaktapur, Rupandehi, Makawanpur and Kaski District.

Mainly in hill districts, there are not any transgender voters and number is very low in some districts. Chairmna of Blue Diamond Society Pinki Gurung said the number is low as gender identity has not been disclosed in citizenship. “Only male and female are  mentioned in the citizenship which is the basis of voter list,” She said. Her name is also Sanjeeb Gurung