Two hundred members of gender and sexual minority came into contact

Tanahun (Pahichan) March 31 – Three months after the establishment of office, two hundred gender and sexual minority have come into contact with their identity. “We established office three months ago. In this period, two hundred people have come to our contact, said District Chief of BDS Sihaniya Sijapati.

“It has been proved that they concealed their identity due to the fear from society and family,” She said, adding that establishment of contact office provided an appropriate environment to disclose their identity.  According to her, the population of this community constitutes 8-9 percent to total population if they disclose their identity. As the BDS chapter is providing free of cost counseling and treatment, more and more members of this community are disclosing their identity.

“Their identity is natural so they have the right to live without any hesitations and problems,” she said.  Sijapati is of the view as nation takes the tax from their community, state should respect them providing all the opportunities.

She said members of this community are gradually disclosing their identity. Sijapati said state is not providing any assistance to the members of this community so that they are being referred to private hospitals. She shared her experience of facing difficulties to find apartment for the office which itself highlights the plight of this community. She said there is good coordination with governmental and non-government organizations on the issues related to this community.