we are living together

Kathmandu/Pahichan – I am not a lesbian. My friend is transgender male. His house is near to mine. We were so closed when we studied same school. We used to eat together and return home together.  In school days, he used to become angry when his friends (mainly boys) used to tease and he used to prefer discussion.

I had taken her as a friend and she was a little bit different. We studied in same college. We were both girls and no thing happened between us. We were emotionally closed which still exists.

Therefore, we are living together. We are now 30 years. We were 21 years when we decided to live together. In the teenage, we wanted self-satisfaction that is why we decided to stay together.

We are entirely different from each other. Our thinking is different. I like bright color, Kurtha\slawar and lipsticks.  He prefers light color, tea shirt and other dresses of boys. I remain busy with my mobile, he enjoys watching television.

This is how our life functions. We both want freedom. He is employed in a bank and I am working as a technician in Lab. He enjoys with his friends, me with my own friend circle. He has collected our salary but we respect each other’s freedom.

There is no freedom in marriage relation. Expectations will go up which creates distance and makes relation weak with possibility of break-up.  We do not have any problems. Our relation has proved that we can live with anyone. We need people can support and ensure our freedom. We are friends. We are earning and living with satisfaction. There is nothing wrong in our relation.