We should accept homosexual, transgender as a gift of god: Actor Khanal

Kathmandu (Pahichan) January 14 – Actor Saroj Khanal has said that Nepali society is still suffering from narrow mindset. Due to the lack of awareness, people of various ethnic groups, gender and profession are suffering from various problems and discrimination. “If there is a narrow mindset at societal level, there will be discrimination,” Khanal told Pahichan Online.

saroj-khanalKhanal said due to such mindset the issue of gender and sexual minority has not been incorporated in the Cinema. According to him, the market of Nepali cinema is very small and it is very difficult to recover investment. “Therefore we are making cinema on market perspective rather than the need of society.” Khanal said. According to him, there are the fears of losing investment. “So the issue of gender and sexual minority has not been given priority in cinema,” he said.

According to him, there are no films which are built exclusively on the basis of homosexual and transgender. It would have been possible if there is positive attitude towards this community, he said. Khanal said there are no solid reasons to discriminate gender and sexual minority.  “This community is equal to male and female. We should take them as a gift of god. So should accept the gift of god,” Khanal said adding that as government is providing rights to them society should not discriminate them.