We will conduct census on LGBTI : Aryal

Lalitpur (Pahichan) February 25 – Central Bureau of Statics has realized the need of conducting a census of gender and sexual minority. General Director Suman Raj Aryal said after unveiling multi-indicator Survey, they have felt that it is necessary to collect data about this community. Speaking to Pahichan Online, Aryal said this community has not been incorporated in multi-indicator survey. He assured that from the next time, this community will be addressing while doing survey.

“In the latest census, we have also mentioned other category along with male and female but members of this community were hesitant to give their identity,” said Aryal. Of late, according to them, people of this community are coming up with their identity.

Multi-indicator survey was conducted in 2014 and there are only the figures of children and male have been indicated. There is not separate number of this community. Asked about the constitutional provisions, Aryal said they will give priority to this community while conducting census in the coming days. The multi-indicator survey was prepared in coordination with UNICEF.